Instead of neuro-waiting for the daily remote control orgasm the Sister System sends you, ask for
Room Service Number 1!
Poetry can be delivered directly to your mind—
Combine it with e-drugs.
Get together with just the best The Archives can offer you.
Choose the poem you most like.
Most people use the Song In Your Head Service.
The Songs In Your Head Service is a collection of lyrics that sound intimately in your head while working in United Rooms World. Make you feel all right.
These songs were ordered by you. Were paid by Instant Capital. These songs can help your life have a great soundtrack.
You do not need emotions if you order the Song In Your Head Service.
Thanks to these Songs you can survive aesthetically!
They can sheer you up!
Songs that nobody else knows are sounding in your brain.
Every other Room has their own songs that go along.
/ You are NOT that kind—You are different from regular Rooms.
/ You don’t use Brain Music. Your taste and demands are far superior.
/ You are a Room who chooses lines, quotes, paragraphs, comments-on.
These pieces sound in your mind every time you need them to substitute the world, the risk of returning or speech.
TV or not TV That used to be the question. We had some options Depletion was one of them “Archive me not” he said. (Fishing will rehappen) But we finally glimpsed The decision: Limbo ourselves into replay.
Remember: the Service is ALWAYS Available!
At the precise moment YOU want, the System can deliver a poem directly to your mind.
Yes! Anytime You Decide!
That poem can help you get through anything. The government! Marriage! The people! Sex! Yourself!
The poem will arrive instantly.
(Use the best performer you know or wannna try).
Choose between dozens of tongues! Time is not an issue anymore. You’re the context!
(All voices have been recorded. You can combine every one of them).
(Every language is at your disposal with just a minimal extra fee!)
The signal is not going to fail this time.
Info will arrive ok.
We assure you this: A FAILURE? NOT! NOT! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
Technology can secure your poetic existence. Technology can put an infinite number of poems in your head one after the other. The recordings make this possible.
Make those moments deeper. More theoretical. More international. More obscure. Or clearer. Make them more literary. Erotic. Make every moment in your life become EXPERIMENTAL!
Don’t live without the Poems In Your Head Electronic Service! Bigger Brother. Got it?
Isn’t the world much better now? Yes! The World is Much Better Now. Much! Much! Much! Much Safer Now!