Room Service Number 2
Emotions are waiting to happen.
Replace them with concepts!
810 passions according to Fourier. 810 hassles.
810 contradictions bothering you.
Don’t pay any attention to them. They are not a happy family.
(Ignore them). Attribute emotions to poesy from the corny past.
«Sentimental» or «Confessional» can provide a good attack.
A good defense to our anesthesia.
Ideas are safer.
Instead of feeling… become totally intelligent!!!
Just Like Me
You can be an emotional idiot, a confused human being, but, BUT! A really notecible thinker!
(Even a genius or influential member of the reading circle)
Receive some theories from our catalogue.
I mean, hello? DON’T FACE REALITY!
What is reality?
There’s no such thing as reality.
(Don’t cling to «Iraq»).
Prevent emotions from happening. They may retreat you to a primal state, like «body» or «mother».
But if your problem is you do not feel anything at all. Whazzup?
Room Service Number Two can also help you with this little problem.
Poetry can be delivered to your Room so you can feel. Use this service in the right moment to make it righter. Both of you can use it in the privacy of your non-mutuality.
Chicken Try it And if you want I can hara kiri price!
Order a language piece that is going to suit a moment of your existence which needs to be emotionally charged.
The language piece can be delivered immediately and can change your entire mental experience.
BUT if you do not feel anymore and still do not care, browse our theories.