Many Rooms survive because comedy makes Rooms almost impossible to believe in. Using comedy many Rooms do not take themselves as real. Laughing happens all the time inside Rooms. This is the third most popular service. (And when winter arrives, the service grows in demand). Rooms ask for stand up. When laughter or performance happens, Rooms feel their body again. Of course there is no body left. But «body» is a very common fantasy among Rooms. Laughing trembles something—even thou what trembles is not was it used to be anymore. Sensual data is offered to the Rooms. They can even shiver or fall in love. The offerings that Rooms give or receive are greater goods. «Language», it is said, is exchanged between Rooms. Imagine this exchange as an ancient snowball fight. Every snowball thrown, transforms the Room into the image of a kid playing outside. Rooms do not have bodies. They just have images. A very big selection of images is also what poetry can offer to the Rooms. The Rooms find in them fun and delight. Delighted they are when they choose poetic images from the repertoire and incarnate them one or lots at a time. The collection of images poets built up was stored in the labs and every time a customer asks for the service of poetry the info is send to his or her Room and the Room turns into whatever it likes. A man. Woman. Bird. An estrange artifact. This is where the rhythms are implemented too. The rhythms help Rooms decide how to move once the body was remove. Poetry will help, in general, to remember the past. That’s why poetry has been experienced as a nostalgia. Poetry will be feed into Room because this sadomasochistic machines desire to experience again that having a body felt like. Poetry in this market, everywhere throughout the United Rooms World is sensed as a Call. Sometimes they call it The Primitive Call. Poetry, it is said, in the Information Board is a very important ingredient determined by the «Mark». The «Mark» is the psychic trace left after the separation from the corporal container. The «Mark» is fond of poetic delight. Makes it remember. Makes the «Mark» happy.