In United Rooms or Room World technology’s purpose is to simulate a greater technology. Technology advances feeling left behind. Behind itself. Feeling it needs to compete with what is not there yet. Wanting to simulate we are already in the future. Technology is, thus, reduced to special effects. Never advanced enough. Technology behaves as if always belonging to the past, as never close enough to what’s next. Poetry will follow this underlying condition of technology. In United Rooms poetry is used to simulate the existence of new genres or, at least, new structures. In United Rooms a poem is a machine whose special effects have as their purpose creating the appearance of a more advance poetic machine. This is called the nextra function. A poem, therefore, is not judge there according to its actual characteristics or achievements but according to it’s «extra» or «next» traits. In United Rooms this piece, for example, could be consider a poem. A technological break through. The future will always be absurd —he said.