When Room fail, the Owner enters again into was formerly know as the «World».
The images in your mind disappear, the system shuts down.
What happens next is you see the world as it truly is: stuffed full of beggars and lowlifes.
Just hear the e-review a user of a Room wrote after his connection failed:
«Skip the homeless camp!
Look for another Hotel. This hotel you’re going into is no-good.
Compare prices. Your investing your capital all wrong.
There’s no Starbucks there. The bending machines are lousy. Staff was mostly unfriendly. Not helpful. Not warm at all. Towels were not replaced each day. The bathroom does not stay clean. Bed wasn’t made. Not sure they even changed the sheets.
Your Room is very small. Even thou this is not a big deal for you, the wall were splattered with muck.  This is what you deserve? This is not enough to keep you cool in July.
Room was very dark and dingy feeling in general. Even eerie. Parking garage is a bit of a walk actually. Two street from here.
Always keep the Do Not Disturb Sign hanging on the Door.
I did not feel safe. Homeless and Whores all over. Food was horrible. They use instant mashed potatoes. I was trapped in an elevator. No compensation. Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.
You Deserve Better Than This!!!
This place is not even fit for my dog, who is half-blind and incontinent! The toilet seat was broken. There was no heat. The sheets and walls were filthy. The front desk spoke only languages that could be written in hieroglyphics (sic). Never given a parking pass and this caused massive chaos!