United Rooms is always in a situation of war.
The most solicited form of literature there are anti-war poems.
Language can make the world safer.
Thou make sure your account can handle Anti-war perf-poems files
—check your Room’s profile to see if it fits Anti-War Dept Requirements—
Order Anti-War poems SOON
Warning: demand is high and many simultaneous users of Anti-War poems can result in a «Busy» signal.
Anti-War poems are even more popular than
         Take Out Haiku!                                        Concrete Crap!                                                                        Not-French-Avant Garde!     Freedom Translation!
                                  Rental Death of the Subject!                                                                                    Vintage Slam!
Post-Language Cheerleading!                                                                Journal Lining and Fish Taco Poetry!
And if your need for instant safety is greater just ask for our Deluxe Service…
Not only we can send Anti-War poems to your head but also dramatic 3D images of war happening —choose your own battle field— in which the performance of the poem magically or socially results in a successful and abrupt stop of rapes, bombings and gun fights!!!
Receive images of Rooms mobilizing other Rooms.
Don’t Hesitate to hire our services.

Join us! United Rooms is exactly what you need.

Hide with us in our little make believe hotel. See you soon!!!
And don’t forget it! War made us possible. The Rooms.