Room Service Number 3
Yes, I want to order
A father tongue.

I want to get rid of
All mother tongues.

Happily surpass.

Not even stepmother tongue. I fear flesh: I feel the urgency of a father tongue.

(Gestures make me bodily).

What I need is Room Service Number 3
A father tongue
Which can describe to me all tongues.

A Language-One.

Father Tongue, you’re my truly Big Bro!

(I should be like you and reach the Hubble point of view).

The metalinguistic dream’s for me, for my Room.

I don’t want to deal
With my mother anymore.

I only find her natural.

Wall Mart can have her.

I want to get as artificial as I can.

So please, please, please!

Install in me ( i m m e d i a t e l y !)
The Complete Father Tongue Kit.