Heriberto YepzTranslation as Matricide (The Sequel!)When somebody commits a crime,
he hides—just like the translator does.

—An epigraph

The first rule of traditional translation is to make two languages
The second one.
(Disappearance of the first language).
(Conquest: Erase the Native!).
(Delete The Other, and then . . .
declare the “Other” has been translated).
(Mission Accomplished).
(¡Us!). (Nosotros!).
[Cool = Ajúa!]
(Translation Awards Needed Here).1521 + 1847 = XXI
(Translation as cultural Communication with the Other—Remains to be seen). (Chinese Emperor Looking for Hot Latina).
Translation should become the transformation of one first language into (at least) two other languages. Translation as the practice where the permanent presence of the first language takes place in the context of a second language. Co-presence of tongues.
(Good intentions?)
Translating the word Translation into Inglich results in:
2.Tranny Tongue.
3.Trans | Late | Nation.
I am not writing in English. I am recycling it.
Mexico (†) never had a mother tongue. Spanish was brought there and it meant the disappearance of dozens of mother tongues. Spanish was not a first language. I’m recycling it.
That’s why writing in English is Arte Povera for me.
(I am not a Chicano. Too easy a mix).
A big pro-translation culture is cannibalistic.
Imperialism employs huge quantities of translators. Builds universities for them. Departments.
(We all work in them).
Recycling it.
Translators should quit.
Too easy a mix.
Translating A into B makes A feel it is now obliged to continue talking to B, even though B doesn’t understand A. To talk to A, B transforms A into B.
B talking to B.
In translation A feels it is in a conversation [was forced into a conversation] in the terms of B. B always wins.
Translation gathers.
Gathers cultures into B.
B always wins.
Too easy a mix.

2 (Ajúa!)
In my case
I didn’t decide to translate American Poetry into Spanish because I felt we had neglected that field. (But we have) (But “my” dislike of “our” Mexican reluctance toward American Culture was not the reason  |  why  |  I decided  |  to  |  translate American Poetry). I decided it because I knew it was time to.
It was time to
Translate | American poetry
Into Spanish.
Translate it
The Economy”

[I wrote the last text after reading a comment by Dubravka Djuric made for Chain 9 magazine. I also wrote it before the Wall Street Journal (Oct 29, 2002) called Mexico—because of its position on the war in Iraq—“Saddam’s friends South of the Border.” So, it appears we are now beginning to become enemies.
Translation-Time just went by.
Game Over.]

Translation makes the reader feel At Home.
at home.
  Welcome to Mexico (†)
[Bienvenidos, am(b)ig(u)os!]
—Translation sucks—
Makes the Reader feel at Home.
Welcome Again!
“Transparency”  |  “Absorption”.
“Oh, nice prose”
“Those lines even sound like Duncan!”
Translations should be uncomfortable.
(Viva Babel):
Why do translators  |  writers in general  |  think so much about the
Is he paying them
or what?

4 (or 6)
Translation should be A becoming A, B & C.
In translations A is never present. Just B. It does not make much sense.
Fast food, Hush Puppies and Brazilian poetry.
“Translation” represents a case of hermeneutical violence.
Even (date) rape.
A is forced to have a child with B.
A is left behind.
html made going from Here to There possible. But HTML is a (secret English) lingua franca—meaning: going from Here to There is always
an English Based Operation.
The troops.
English  | Behind  |  The scenes.
(The Internet is the United States through other means).
Total Translation would really mean returning to the first tongue.
Make translators write in the language they began wanting to disappeared from the face of the page. Special Effects.
(Continuará . . .)