nypoesi 2/06

The futile clown Costard giggles, full of puls,
to Don Adriano and master Holofernes:

“O, they have lived long on the alms-basket of words.
I marvel thy master hath not eaten thee for a word;
for thou art not so long [in] the head as


There is an anagram secret
in this strangely spelt chide:

Hi ludi, F. Baconis nati, tuiti orbi

In English, it claims:

These plays keep F. Bacon’s offspring for all

I validate authorship with mutating,
shifting Rosicrucian – secret message – mechanics.
Occultist facts multiply,
elegise Egyptian spells,
supply Celtic cultism.

I jostle page effects,
whisper magic science.

William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost, from Act Five, Scene One. Anagram noted in Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence’s Bacon in Shakespeare (1910).