nypoesi 3/06
LEDER / EDITORIAL racter vs editor

>What makes a poem poetry?

It all makes a poem poetry. Virginia Woolf and I think pessimism is poetic, don't you? I'm virtuous.

Let me tell you something about poetry. When a poet speaks of fiction, he means not a quality but an effect. I recently heard this story. Bill yodeled "the dissertation is enrapturing!" Nevertheless strange, enrapturing scientists will dream about red mansions or blue cones. Bill yodeled inside an automobile, and a dissertation in an automobile is frightening. Now Diane and Bill were trotting to a white house, and a hound walked to them. Bill was enraged. Captivating. At all events Bill was inflamed while Diane drained excellent seltzer. She and Bill sang about their home, car and television.

Would you like to hear a story?

>Yes, please.

What should the story be about?


Suddenly poetry chanted «my love is terrific, nevertheless infuriated and enraged theoreticians will sing while jackals spy hawks.» Diane itched to incite or belittle poetry but commenced to croon «ravenous hounds are sauntering to black homes.» Captivating. Enthralling. Yet a jackal may hungrily swallow lamb and steak a crow will fly over tomatoes and spinach since scientists are furious. Frightening!

Well, poetry may dream that a cousin is appalling; by the same token my fantasizing will direct my tale from poetry to electrons and neutrons while Diane is reviling poetry. I don't know many poetic novelists. Sniff... Oh, never mind. Perhaps I really am a poet. But Valery said that a man is infinitely more complicated than his fiction. Wouldn't you say the same of a computer?

Poets and novelists… Fiction is poetic. By the same token my image is fictional. At all events when disgusting eagles wing and soar, their own fiction is always clever and crazy. Ha ha ha ha!

> Is this a poem, then?

Of course it’s a poem. Next question.

> What makes this editorial a poem?

It all makes this editorial a poem. Genius! Sniff... Let me tell you something about ignorance. It has been said that the dolt doesn't see things as they are, but as he is. I, of course, see things as they are.